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10 Tips for Hiring a Computer Consultant

The Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA), a national not-for-profit organization which promotes ethical professionalism within the industry, offers these 10 tips for choosing a consultant:

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The process of interviewing the stake holders to discover what their goals are, what the assets are, what the environment is and then return a matrix of solutions to facilitate reaching the goals desired. RMMi is focused on brining benefit to your organization.

Key Benefits

  • Varied and diverse background of RMMi brings new ideas to solving the challenges that face your organization.
  • The consultant's goal is to make you look good. You look good to who you report to and you will hire the consultant back for more. Let me help you find the best solution within your budget needs.
  • Effective analysis of the issues and hands on solutions to the problems equate to goals achieved. RMMi consulting can encompass a challenge and address it head on.


Our value position is diversity which is key for a good consultant as is effective communication. The ability to understand the issue be it a business issue, manufacturing issue, scientific issue, engineering issue, user interpersonal issue, sales and marketing issue, or a problem to solve that reaches the breadth of all the disciplines in the organization.

From the point of view of task doer, manager, visionary a good consultant has to have an understanding of each level of business to be able to recognize root causes of the problems that bring the stake holder to make the call for help from outside.

Once on the job the effective consultant must know how to listen to the needs, project manage the process, and communicate effectively in the way that the stake holder can hear it best. Let RMMi help you discover the best solution to fit your needs. Whether they are one of the following specific skills or something new and exciting...

Business process optimization with technology
Analysis of existing work flows often reveal opportunity to reduce manual intervention in the process. These are perfect opportunities for applying technology solutions to streamline labor time per task. Automation, tracking, data transfer, even data capture for reporting purposes leads to knowledge that can be utilized to improve systems in the future. It is all about improvement of quality and the bottom line!
Business growth strategy
Ever sit staring at a flat growth chart and you are just not sure what you can do to improve business? There are many aspects, many considerations, many directions to take your department, division, or company. Is it a process improvement in manufacturing? Perhaps a channel distribution could be modified to improve just in time delivery with sharing data between vendors and customers? Is your sales market region saturated? Where can you expand? Has your customer base shifted due to external market variables? RMMi can assist in analysis and study to get you the information you need!

Project planning
What is going to make successful project? Having vision of the goal to achieve is more then just a good thing, it is imperative. Is the mission statement of the project to complete all phases by date X within budget Y? Of course it is. So how do you do that? Have you brought in line the expectations of what is needed to rapidly get the core deadline accomplished? What are the contingencies? Does the project completion mean that you deliver full documentation of help files, reference, procedures, project folder with sidebar notes and project branches for future consideration? You know all the great ideas that the user and developer come up with along the way that sound great make sense but would equate to scope creep if allowed to be pursued on your projects timeline? How will you keep the team focused and online to success?
Meeting optimization and communication strategy
Integral to the project planning phase, meeting optimization and communication strategy sound simple and often gets derailed. Having a defined meeting process is important, having the expectation of agendas and rules of engagement during a meeting equate to keeping the beasts short and sweet so folks can get back on task. Too often meetings get out of hand and do not effectively use the assets or get value from the full cost of that meeting. Think about it, the cost of the facility, of each staff members fully loaded per hour cost to the bottom line and the financial folk will cringe at the waste.
Running a meeting is a step to being a successful project manager, a successful project manager is a step to division management, successful division management is a direct line to the front office, a successful corporate executive is an asset to the company. Allowing mistakes and opportunities for growth starting in a meeting is part of fostering a workplace where everyone can access the growth path for a top dollar position.
Customer profiling
Who is your customer? If you can not answer that on the spot, how are you going to fill their needs? Grow their ranks? How do you go about defining who is going to support your job and buy your service or product? RMMi can help define and research just who is making your company succeed.

 Market position
Inline with customer profiling know where you stand in your given market and how to keep your fingers on that position is all about collecting the right data. Turning that data into useful information and keeping it inline with appropriate research and market analysis. RMMi can assist in all aspects of defining reporting and maintaining future ease of reports to help you keep where you want to be in your market.
Sales target matrix
Are your sales folks clear what they need to achieve to keep the company growth in the right direction? Are the right reports and information being shared between development and manufacturing? Do you know where your bottom line is? A clear matrix of all variables and clear method of tracking real time is key to successful sales. Let RMMi discover how you can get the right data at the right time to make the right decisions!
Job definition duties and hiring description copy
Just like scope creep, job creep starts the snowball of mushy and grey spots in your group. What does that person do and who is their backup? Often the folks in Human Resources are not engineers or scientists or financial wizards, they take what you give them and find a person whom you ask for to fill the job to fit with the corporate needs for EOC and budget guidelines. How you define what you need is more then something you do while waiting for your flight to Topeka. Like strategizing your next move in a game, too little thought will equate to some surprises too much thought and you are not getting anywhere. Let RMMi help in finding that balance and help you meet your goals of building your best team you can!


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