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10 Tips for Hiring a Computer Consultant

The Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA), a national not-for-profit organization which promotes ethical professionalism within the industry, offers these 10 tips for choosing a consultant:

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The separation of an intellectual or material whole into its constituent parts for individual study. The study of such constituent parts and their interrelationships in making up a whole. In short; unlocking opportunity.

Key Benefits

  • Hiring an outsider to review the whole process, new questions will be asked that an insider will never think to ask. Missing the trees from the view of the forest kind of thing.
  • Methodical approach in discovery and documentation of a given analysis.
  • Dedicated project time to your analyst needs.


Trained as a Business Systems Analyst, experienced in asking the questions that disclose the details that can get overlooked. Mapping user needs discovered in interviews. Flow charting process for new application development. Translating existing architecture topology into readable representations for specific audiences. Reverse engineering how something is done to discover the fully loaded costs of production and facilities. Researching who the competition is and building a matrix of threats and opportunities. These are all options with RMMi. 

Needs analysis
Sometimes  a programmer is so into developing code and good at it, they get real uncomfortable interfacing the user. What does the user need? What works what does not work? What are the skill assets of the user that can be capitalized? What do the executives need for reporting out of the system? The financial review board keeps asking for but never getting numbers? Your need is my opportunity to help, let me see what can be done!
Process analysis
Got a real good technician but they just can't tell you what they do? One shift does the task different then the next shift and you want the high producing night shift to train the day shift? Do you get bogged down with specifications of one input and just can not get the whole picture put down on paper with out the 'then a miracle happens' step in there someplace? A good start on any new project is to understand what is being done today to find those efficiencies for tomorrow.
Topology analysis
You have a T1 and a fiber backbone and still your doctors can not upload that cat-scan image? Your remote treatment site constantly complains that their database runs slower and slower and yet it works fine in building one? File updates seem to stall out during lunch? Batch updates for credit card processing fail the same time everyday and you are not sure why? A good visual map of all network assets and system load charts sure help in solving these problems.

Capacity analysis
Are you sitting at your desk you are not quite sure how to justify the new servers other then 'I know I need some.' Did your system crash last week because there was no longer room for journal files or incremented change file saves? Do you have a marketing plan that the executives are telling you will bring 2000 more click through views a day to your network traffic for February 14th and you are not sure if that will mean you double or triple your capacity? To understand change you have to know where you are and what factors will be modified in the future. Important things to know to make sure your customer is happy.
Market competitive analysis
Is a new super store coming to town and you are not sure if you should do nothing or completely change your focus to maintain and grow your customer base? Are you sitting at your desk and not sure where to get numbers to support your venture's projections? Do you have the next big Christmas gadget and you want to know who else is launching new products that might compete with your launch? A good competitive analysis is invaluable for planning and staying on target!

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Pricing analysis
Are your products not quite moving off the shelves like they used to? Do you wonder what would happen if you lowered your prices and increased your distribution channels? Are you adding new packaging and are not sure if you can increase your price this quarter for these changes? A good matrix of variables goes a long way in helping in these decisions.
Break even analysis
Deciding whether to buy a shrink wrapped software package and change your processing or to keep your processing and build your own system? Perhaps the vendor is willing to hand you the code and you need to decide to hire an internal programmer or use the services of the vendor? Knowing where you will break even on a project or what will drive your increased return on investment (ROI) is critical. Miss an important variable and your numbers can be rather embarrassingly far off. RMMi can help in putting all the cards on the table with a thorough analysis. Call today to find out more!

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